College Board’s Advance Placement Curriculums for American, World, and European History

Donation Goal For This Project is $35,000
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The Friends have supported THGC’s efforts to have the College Boards include information about the Holocaust and genocide in their advancement placement (AP) curriculums for US History, World History and European History. Friend’s members along with USHMM educators attended curriculum discussions in New York City in November 2014. As a result of those discussions and numerous teleconferences, the College Boards have begun to incorporate specific reference to the Holocaust and genocide in their newly released curriculums and teacher guidelines. This is the first time our best and brightest students will be required to understand the consequences of hatred bigotry and apathy as has occurred in the past. Nationwide and in Canada, more than 600,000 students annually will be taught this valuable information.

Continued work with Texas AP teachers is expected to result in definitive changes to those new and proposed guidelines. The THGC will institute a program to engage a state-wide approach to gaining the necessary resources to properly teach these subjects. Each of the 20 ESC districts will be furnished material via the internet to accomplish the aforementioned topics. It is anticipated that a program of this magnitude will cost approximately $35,000. With your help, we can bring this to fruition before the 2016 school year.