Educator’s Genocide Online Module

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Teacher Workshop Modules

THGC will continue to develop teacher modules to be placed on THGC’s or Texas Education Agency’s (TEA) Project Share’s website. The three remaining modules to be done are; genocide, bullying for elementary schools and bullying for middle schools. Because bullying is a major contributor to the 8/10 Stages of Genocide, it is believed that we must have two different modules to fulfil that need. Many of the topics in these modules are either mandated by the TEKS or legislative actions. The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (THGC) in cooperation with the (TEA), are charged with creating web-based instruction modules to replace the educator workshops conducted throughout Texas.

The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission will put together the web-based instruction modules for elementary, middle and high school educators to instruct them how to teach about bullying and other genocides. Each module will contain 4-6 hours of instruction per module and will be accessed through TEA’s Project Share website.  Each module will be divided into multiple instruction sessions, following the TEA workbook assignment philosophy to teach educators the material and methods to effectively teach these subjects. Educators will receive continuing educational credits for hours completed. At the present time there are over 300,000 Texas educators enrolled in Project Share, which extends to all public elementary, middle and high schools in Texas. In total, more than a 1,000,000 individuals are registered on the Project Share website.

The Genocide module

Modern genocides began with similar actions taken by Nazi Germany and its allied axis regimes. The chronicle of how genocide is conducted is outlined in the 8/10 Steps to Genocide, originally created by Gregory Stanton, Ph.D. The THGC has already placed on its website and the TEA websites the course instruction to fulfill the TEKS requirements. This module is to extend that educational material into its continued relevance in the everyday life of high school students. With each Stage of Genocide the student is asked, “What would you do in that situation and how could you prevent such acts of perversion?”  THGC will begin the process by initiating a project to gather the testimonies of different genocide survivors. This module will demonstrate to the students the consequences of their actions and allow them to understand that they are responsible for their actions.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

Edmund Burke

The genocide modules will be addressed through two separate modules for high schools. The first module will contain the testimonies of survivors of the Cambodian, Rwanda/Burundi, Bosnian and Darfur genocides and the second module will demonstrate how to teach the subject of genocide.

Bullying Module

The bullying modules will be divided into two different sessions one for elementary and one for middle schools. The THGC wishes to develop a bullying module for elementary school students based on the concept of ”Character Development”. The middle/high school module will focus on physical and cyber bullying.