Interactive Digital Book of Texas Veteran’s Testimonies from the Liberation Period

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As a part of the resources to illustrate the understanding of the Liberation Period of WWII, THGC will have an interactive digital book of the Texas Veteran’s testimonies of their experience when they entered concentration, slave labor and extermination camps used by the Nazi’s perpetrators. This book will be compiled from veteran testimonies gathered in a 2013 THGC project plus the recently digitized testimonies recorded earlier by Holocaust museums throughout Texas. The total available Texas veteran testimonies will exceed 85 from which we can provide students and researchers with verifiable information from eye witnesses at the end of WWII.

The purpose of the book is to place on the web a means by which the teacher or student can be present with the veteran as he walked through this horrific time in history. The book will be interactive to the extent that the viewer will be able to examine the different locations of liberation and respond to archival video footage. Veteran’s testimonies will be directly accessible and historical reference links to their unit’s activities and the liberation locations of those horrific activities. The observer may choose which veteran’s testimony or camp and then proceed on a journey through historical evidence. The book begins with an overview of the American experience of the Liberation Period with links to accredited sources for more detailed descriptions. With today’s technology the observer may travel along with the veteran to be a witness to the liberation. This experience will allow the observer to be present as they view open railcars, enter prison gates, camp yards, barracks and crematoriums. They will be present when the veteran meets the survivors.

We believe that today’s students use technology to gain insight and perspective about the past. We chose not to entertain but involve the student so that they can see the consequences of genocide. These are the lessons we must learn if we are not to repeat events of the past. This project is a major undertaking with a cost of approximately $155,000. Your support will make this both experiential project meaningful to those who will be our future.