Personal Perspectives for Ethical Behavior

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A recent study revealed that 2 out of 3 college students chose to plagiarize, cheat on exams or use illicit material for course credit. This astonishing statistic has alarmed many educators and they were asking how to combat this trend. To understand why our students need to understand that they have the choice of right over wrong, and be responsible for the consequences of those choices, THGC has awarded a contract to implement a series of educator modules to address the legislative mandate of including personal perspectives in higher education’s core curriculums. The final product for higher education ethics is action, not thought. Students must consider the impact of their decisions before taking action, and produce better people in their classes, and one by one, a better society. These ethics modules can be found on the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board website.

However, all students need to develop a value system that enables them to recognize the consequences of their acts, and to adopt a positive set of goals. One means of achieving this goal is with a consistent reinforcement in education at all levels of schooling. The goals of this program will help students set themselves on a course of life, identifying values they can live by, in order to be happy and fulfilled. We will use the examples developed by the THGC volunteer ethics committee and the course material developed for the higher education faculty courses. Making that information available so educators can start students on an early path to recognize their responsibility for their acts will become an integral part of their education.

To convert the information of THECB’s website for middle and high school application will require approximately $45,000.